Ho Ho Hold Off Holiday Cavities


December 13, 2017

How to Ho Ho Hold Off Holiday Cavities 

Be mindful of how stress levels and favourite foods affect your teeth. 


TORONTO, ON — The holiday season is here and the Ontario Dental Association (ODA) is giving you the gift of knowledge – how to enjoy any social engagement while still protecting your teeth. Whether at an office party or entertaining at home, you should be aware of the less-than-festive impact the holidays can have on your mouth.

Stress: This happy time of year can also be overwhelming for some people. That can lead to sleepless nights, over-indulging in rich foods and alcohol and a lower immune system response which can reduce your ability to fight the bacteria that causes gum disease. Bruxism, or teeth grinding, is also a common reaction to stress and over time can wear tooth surfaces down and cause sore and loose teeth.

Wine, champagne, cocktails and beer: You may be avoiding sweets but natural sugar is lurking in wine, champagne and some cocktails and beers. Red wine can also discolour your teeth. The sugar and naturally occurring acid in all these beverages can wear down tooth enamel, so drink in moderation.

Meats and starches: Floss is your friend, especially after a big turkey dinner! Also, starchy foods like stuffing, pasta, bread and crackers stick to teeth and that can lead to tooth decay. Starches break down into sugar and that’s exactly what mouth bacteria feasts on.

Sweets: We’ve been told Santa loves candy canes and cookies, but the snacks left for his reindeer, like carrots, apples and celery, are a healthier choice as they do a better job at keeping teeth clean. Sweets are okay in small amounts and are best eaten with a meal to limit the time sugar lingers in your mouth.

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